A Near Southside Car-Free Street Festival

Fort Worth Open Streets - Magnolia Avenue, Near Southside from Kevin Buchanan on Vimeo.

The first-ever Fort Worth Open Streets event - a Ciclovia-style car-free street festival promoting walking, bicycling, local business, and health - was held on Sunday, October 23rd, in the Near Southside (just south of downtown) on Magnolia Avenue, 5th Avenue, and Allen Avenue.

In this Fort Worthology video, we take a look at the happenings during Open Streets, and talk to Mike Brennan of Fort Worth South, Inc. and Robbie Werner of Stir Crazy Baked Goods about the event.

Blogged on the site: http://fortworthology.com/2011/10/24/first-near-southside-open-streets-event-a-big-success/

In cities across the country, Sunday afternoons have become something to look forward to as streets are transformed into urban playgrounds during popular community events called Open Streets.

FWSI is working to plan Fort Worth’s first Open Streets event, in coordination with the City. The events are being planned for two consecutive Sundays, with a Magnolia/5th Ave./Allen route on October 23rd and a S. Main/Broadway/ Jennings route on October 30th. Stay tuned for more details!

Presented by: Fort Worth South Inc. and the City of Fort Worth

Based on the popular Ciclovía events originating in South America, Open Streets events allow families and friends to get some exercise and enjoy a festival atmosphere as streets are opened up to cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, fitness classes, food vendors, and other activities.

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